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India, one of the largest consumer markets in the world, has seen the live entertainment business growing exponentially, over the recent years. BIG LIVE is RBNL's division which specializes in the live entertainment business.

This division develops, executes and owns televised IP properties across almost every relevant entertainment platform. It also leverages its national presence to create IP and monetize the same with clients across the country. BIG Live also maximizes synergies & revenue through 100% managed properties–events, TV production, studios & strong in-house marketing team. It also evaluates international opportunities for partners / formats of entertainment which are yet to see presence in India

Creative Innovation & Execution Excellence

Creative Innovation : Every property is given a fresh identity.

  • BIG Television Awards           –   Celebration of the emotions
  • BIG Entertainment Awards   –  Sports, Theatre, Film & music
  • BIG Star IMA Awards              –  For the first time an event that covered commercial as well as non commercial music

Execution Excellence : Each property is process driven to ensure complete efficiency and smooth flow of events.

  • Every property has been telecasted on the popular GEC to further ensure a successful execution.
  • BIG Star Entertainment was the first National property that resulted in 5.78 TRP based on these core thoughts


Integrated Promotions

  • Each property is marked on a 360 degrees platform to ensure maximum reach.
  • Integrated marketing giving higher brand value to the sponsors.
  • Amplifying TV viewership.


BIG Live IP Growth Drivers

  • Develop,execute and own televised IP properties across every relevant entertainment platform nationally & across India's multiple regions. Leverage national presence to create valuable IP and Monetize the same with clients across the country.
  • Maximize revenue through 100% managed properties - Big Events, Big Productions, Reliance Media Works Studios & Strong in-house Marketing team.
  • Maximize existing synergies within RBNL & Relaince Group - Radio, Television, OOH, Movies, Productions, Events And Avtivations. International markets/partners/formats of entertainment which are yet to be explored and monetized.


BIG Star Entertainment Awards



BIG Television Awards



BIG Star IMA Awards