Corporate Governance

Reliance Broadcast Network Limited has maintained the highest standards of corporate governance principles and best practices by adopting the "Reliance Group - Corporate Governance Policies and Code of Conduct" as followed by all constituents in the group.

These Policies and Code prescribe a set of systems, processes and principles conforming to the international standards and are reviewed periodically to ensure their continuing relevance, effectiveness and responsiveness to the needs of local and global investors and all other stakeholders.

The Company's philosophy on Corporate Governance envisages the attainment of the highest levels of transparency, accountability and equity, in all facets of its operations and in all interactions with its stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, the government, lenders and the society. The Company believes that all its operations and actions must serve the underlying goal of enhancing long-term shareholder value. In our commitment to practice sound governance principles, we are guided by the following core principles:

  • Transparency

    To maintain the highest standards of transparency in all aspects of our interactions and dealings.
  • Disclosures

    To undertake timely dissemination of all price sensitive information and matters of interest to our stakeholders.
  • Empowerment and Accountability

    To demonstrate the highest levels of personal accountability and to ensure that employees consistently pursue excellence in everything they do.
  • Compliances

    To comply with all the laws and regulations applicable to the company.
  • Ethical conduct

    To conduct the affairs of the company in an ethical manner.
  • Stakeholders' interests

    To promote the interests of all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, lenders, vendors and the community.

  • Governance practices beyond regulatory requirements
    Our governance practices go beyond the mere letter of statutory and regulatory requirements. With this in mind, we have formulated a number of policy documents and introduced the following set of governance practices:
  • Values and commitments
    We have set out and adopted a policy document on the 'values and commitments' of Reliance Broadcast Network Limited. We believe that any business conduct can be ethical only when it rests on the nine core values of honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, purposefulness, trust, responsibility, citizenship and caring.
  • Code of ethics
    Our 'code of ethics' demands that our employees conduct the business with impeccable integrity and by excluding any consideration of personal profit or advantage.
  • Business policies
    We have clear internal norms in place on a wide range of issues from fair market practices and insider information to financial and accounting integrity, from external communication and personal conduct to work ethics. We also have, a policy on prevention of sexual harassment in addition to guidelines on health, safety, environment and quality.
  • Separation of the Board's supervisory role from the executive management
    In line with best global practice, we have adopted the policy of separating the Board's supervisory role from that of executive management. We have also split the posts of Chairman and CEO.
  • Prohibition of insider trading policy
    This document contains the policy on prohibiting trading I the equity shares of the Company, based on insider or privileged information.
  • Prevention of sexual harassment
    Our policy on prevention of sexual harassment aims at promoting a productive work environment and protecting the individual from sexual harassment.
  • Whistle blower policy
    Our whistle blower policy encourages disclosure in good faith of any wrongful conduct on a matter of general concern and protects the whistle blower from any adverse personnel action.
  • Risk management
    Our risk mitigation procedures ensure that the management is able to control risk through a properly defined framework.